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Gladys Boalt Ornaments

An experienced needleworker and fabric store owner, Gladys Boalt had already been creating wonderful boutique items for an exclusive New York shop when she was asked to try her hand at creating soft-sculpture Christmas ornaments. More than twenty years later Ms. Boalt is the proud creator of an exclusive line of historically accurate, highly-detailed figural ornaments that are so inspired, they have even been chosen to adorn the White House Christmas tree.

Each Boalt ornament is a small work of art involving as many as fifty separate steps. Completely hand-sewn by talented members of Ms. Boalt's New England women's cooperative, the little figures and tiny costumes are complete with authentic period details. Gladys Boalt personally hand paints every face, then signs and dates each piece.

The incredible range of characters includes not only Santas, creche figures and other Christmas-themed items, but also storybook and nursery rhyme characters, historic figures, presidents, artists, musicians and animals. With more than four hundred pieces at last count, one can always find something with special significance.

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Nutcracker Prince
Princess Clara
Mouse King
Tiger Lily Dancer
Harlequin Dancer
Poinsettia Dancer
Cossack Dancer
Teddy Roosevelt
Christmas Card Santa
Lewis and Clark
York, Charbouneau
and Seaman
and Josephine
American Figures
St. Nick, Santa Claus
and Mrs. Claus
The Beast
Works of Art
Wizard of Oz
The Wizard
and Dorothy
Glenda the Good Witch
and Munchkins
Wicked Witch
and Flying Monkey
Winston Churchill
Harry S. Truman
Bessie Smith
The Roosevelts
and Fala
Carousel Animals

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